Underground mining

During the 1-hour mine tour (starting the age of 6 years), our guests walk underground through the tunnel towards the shaft. From there, the conveyor basket brings them vertically down to the 150 m level. Afterwards, our guests will take the mine train in ordert o reach the mining area where our experienced mine guides will demonstrate to them the original machines and will explain tot hem the working processes of the mining industry. Our guides will also explain the peculiarities of the mountains. Not only the Machine noises, but also the mysterious silence in the mine shall convey on our guests the impression of the fascinating world of miners while underground.

Do you want to learn more? The multi-hour special tours (starting the age of 14 years) lead you intensely across the mine …

Don’t forget: You can intensify your impressions by also visting our different facilities on the surface. Visiting our Mining Museum, a tour through the Conveyer- Machine House and through the mining educational trail will surely allow you to deepen your understanding as well as the impressions you gained during the day. You can also benefit from the special museum educational offers which we have for school classes on our Campus Ferri.

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